Sunday, October 25, 2015


We went to the book sale.  It was so awesome.  We just grabbed whatever we wanted, until we couldn't hold any more.  We'd brought $60, which is sort of extravagant for us.  Usually we go on one of the later days and spend about $20.  But this was the day we could go, and I it was great.  It's been a while since I've gone.  It's such a crowd and it's hard to manage with kids.  But while we have more kids now, our older 2 are old enough to browse the books themselves while I stay near.  That's such a difference from when they were too small to even look at the tops of the tables. 

lP did have to be carried, crying out of the book sale.  I don't know what transpired while P and lP were out of the building.  We try really hard to not have kids crying/tantrum in public.  G, and M browsed and I held B's hand and found books.  But I found too many so we had to check out.  G and M were sad that I'd snatched up so many books so quickly and they didn't get to browse for longer.  But P took G and M back in after he let lP have a turn. 

I really admire P's patience.  We're both sleeping better lately and that helps us tremendously.  P is so deliberate to be kind and not blame the kids on things that are beyond their control  I'm really grateful for his example. 

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