Saturday, October 10, 2015

Annual Tourist Day

 In September the green trolley is free for residents.  They also give us tickets to several of their attractions like the wax museum, jail, store, and museum.  We went last year on the last Saturday of the month and it was fun.  So this year we planned to be even more prepared.
 We got there earlier.
 We planned our our destinations a bit in advance.
P had never been to the wax museum so that was one of our main goals.
 We packed a picnic and ate on the plaza.
 We went to the castillo before everyone was so tired they were crying.  Though B was close to that point by the end of the castillo and we still had to get the trolley back to the car.

We don't do much touristy things.  I'm so grateful that these things are here and free.  
It's really such a treat. 

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