Saturday, July 25, 2015


Yesterday we went up to the big city to visit friends.  We met up with 3 different families that we've known through a homeschool co-op.  Instead of a big meet up, we met each family individually.  It was nice to have 1 on 1 conversations and play for the kids without some of the usual group dynamics.  We left the house at 9:30 and didn't get back until 6:30.  For a lady with 4 kids, 40 weeks pregnant, it felt like a pretty big accomplishment.  But we did have a van with AC, plenty of water, hospitable friends, and Sam's Club pizza for lunch.  We even had a cell phone to call dad and ask him to heat up some soup.  Life is really so easy for us.

P and I have been married now for 15 years.  In honor of our 15 years P let me know that he'd like it if I would open boxes with the flap facing a particular way.  And I let him know that when he cleans out the car, it would be nice if he put things in a basket.  The honesty, it's brutal.  I'm so grateful for a loving marriage.  Even when we have significant disagreements, like the above stated, we are kind about it.  Well, P was kind.  I was sort of curt...

L is due tomorrow.  I have this amazing gift of forgetfulness, so I really don't know what to watch for in my body telling me it's time to have a baby.  But All of my other children have been born 7-10 days past their due date.  I've never been so temporally prepared for a child.  We have like 5 boxes of wipes and 12 packs of diapers.  The ladies in the ward showered us with cute outfits in a spread of sizes.  A friend in the other ward loaned me her newborn stash.  I've sewn a new sling.  I bought cheese, sausage, butter, chicken nuggets, and TP at Sam's Club.  So we're good to go!

As I was driving around yesterday I could see my 4 children looking around in the rear view mirror.  I have beautiful children.  I'm looking forward to getting to know L. 

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