Thursday, July 16, 2015


Knowing the baby was due at the end of summer vacation, we've really been trying to have a great summer.  The kids have been enjoying swim lessons, library programs, playgrounds, picnics and short trips.  It's been really nice. 

M participated in a TKD class at the library and is now going to enroll in a 6 week class with the school.  She's doing a smorgasbord of activities over the next 6 months that her piano teacher is away.  I made a deal with her that if she keeps working and learns the songs I've assigned her, she can use the piano lesson money to do other activities.  So far it's working great and she is very motivated.

bB seems to be catching all sorts of viruses this summer, lovely.  Poor kid. 

Instead of a summer vacation from schooling, we've actually been able to establish better lesson habits.  This is the first time I've really been schooling the kids.  I'm a late academics sort of person.  And now that M and G are 8 and 10 I'm getting more involved.  M has math, spelling and piano.  G has spelling, and a workbook from school with daily activities.  So we swim, play, go to the library, or do errands, then come home and do our book work.  It's nice to just have the time to do things in a flexible way.

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