Friday, January 23, 2015

down low

Someone I know had a sister in the hospital in NY.  I have 2 sisters in NY.  So the person asked if there was a way to find the local bishop to help the sister.  I called my sister to ask and she, knowing it would be hard for anyone to help, offered to help.  But because we were relaying info, my sister didn't get details until late.  And she wanted to be able to talk to the patient to make sure she was still at the hospital etc...  I asked the person to give her sister my sister's #.  But instead she decided to have items overnighted.

I feel like it wasn't too much to ask the patient to call my sister.  I feel like I dropped the ball.  So it's bothering me and I can't send any more messages to the person because that's just poking.  And I can't chew the fat with my sister because that's poking.  So I'll let you know about it.

Also, the other day the cashier at save a lot made a comment about me having 4 kids.  I can't remember if he said I'm brave or crazy to have so many kids, but the implication was not positive.  I said that it was lucky that my husband was smart and could support our family.

Perhaps it is because I look so young, that people assume I've chosen this path irresponsibly.  They don't know that I had a college degree and was 25 when I had my first child.  They don't know that we've prayerfully considered each child. 

Unbeknownst to this person, I know his mom, who has said that he has children.  He is very young.  He is not involved in the children's lives.  He is not supporting himself, let alone the children.

No wonder he thinks I'm crazy.

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