Sunday, January 25, 2015

Church Team

Today I gave the kids this sports analogy:  Church is a team sport.  Show up for practice.  Bring your equipment.  Listen to the coach.  If you haven't been to practice in a while, do your best.  Don't give up or get a negative attitude even if things aren't going well.

We have a baby shower crazy ward.  There is a sister who says all the time that "Every baby deserves a shower."  I've had 2 babies in this ward and she's never included us in that rule. 

I didn't need a baby shower because we didn't need anything but a new pack of white onesies.  Though I did get rid of most of our boy clothes under size 5T.  But I don't think it's anyone's job to give me a bunch of stuff.  It would have been nice to be celebrated.

I just feel annoyed, often, at how our family is assumed to be supported by the deaf members.  And this ward breaks the guideline of 1 shower per family.  Or even 1 shower per sex of child. 

Apparently I'm jealous because they never invite us over to see fireworks either.  But they talk about these parties like it was a ward party.  They do invite investigators and new members.  Just never us. 

I just need to throw my own pity party apparently.

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