Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Conducting the Band

Having G for a son is funny, fun, inspiring, and often there are wonderfully ironic times.  We get to participate with Dance Marathon because G had cancer.  No I would not like for anyone to have cancer, but Dance Marathon is pretty great. 

2 years ago G and some other miracle kids got to go on the field during the Orange and Blue game and meet Coach Myer.  4 years ago Tebow showed up at the main event and played ball with G. 
It's been the opposite of a downward spiral.  We've had the chance to do so many cool things at UF because G is a miracle.

This Friday G will conduct the Gator band for the fight song during half time.  P and I are both blown away by this awesome opportunity.  It's like a "make a wish" for P.  Except it would be P conducting...  But it's beautiful and ironic that the deaf son of 2 band teachers would have this opportunity.

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