Tuesday, September 24, 2013

4 months ago

Our iPhoto library is set to show the last 4 months of pictures.  4 months ago little B was born!  So it's been neat to see those newborn pictures every time I open iPhoto and see how much he's grown.  He can roll over now.  He can bounce in a bouncy seat.  He can find his toes.  He's adorable and smiley.

lP just turned 3 on Wednesday and P was out of town that whole week.  So of course, while P is away I not only need to do all the driving (that he so awesomely shares usually), but I decide it is time to potty train lP.  Monday morning we went to the store and chose a big bag of jellybeans.  Potty training was a breeze!  What a great kid.

M is learning all the circle songs for our Homeschool group.  She's reading a lot and adding 2 digit numbers.  She can play French Children's Song on the piano better than I can.  So she's helping me work it out, and helping me keep the tempo.

G is loving scouts.  He's interested in teaching M to play football.  He loves holding B each day.  This is the song he wrote for B.

Hey B, Hey B. 
Your initials are B. J. P.
 Hey B, Hey B. 
You are named after Booker T. Washington.
Hey B, Hey B. 
You remind me of Books.
Hey B, Hey B. 
How are you?

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