Sunday, October 13, 2013

homeschool decor'

 We're using organ benches for desks.  We considered buying lift top desks, but figured this was a good solution for now.  It's really nice for each of the kids to have a place to put some papers and things that otherwise would clutter up the kitchen counter.  G uses a sewing table that I converted into a desk with a photography developing tray stapled into the compartment that would otherwise hold a sewing machine.  It was a curbside find that didn't have all the necessary parts to be a sewing table.
The little stools are milk crates with a pillow on top, covered with this fabulous Joseph-technicolor-dream-coat fabric.  Today M cut out the stitching that held the covers onto the crates so she could use the pillows.  Sometimes there is a severe kink in her think.

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