Wednesday, July 24, 2013

failure avoidance (graphic content)

I like when my kids watch media that it should at least not teach them bad things.  We've been watching the Phantom Tollbooth which P gave me for my birthday.  It is the bomb for educational musical with great life messages.  I'm transcribing it out because it doesn't have subtitles and I really want G to have the benefit of all the great messages.  This is one of the songs:
Time is a gift
Time is gift, fleeting and swift,
Ticking and tocking itself away,
Itself a way of saying better beware,

Time is a gift, precious and rare,
Take it and make of it all you can
Use all you can, there’s not a moment to spare,
So, take a second to look around,
See a sight, hear a sound,

Time ticks hastily away,
Take time to save it every day!
Time saved, in the nick of time,
Is golden time.

Take a minute to concentrate,
Analyze, Contemplate,
Take an hour and change the fate of the world!

Time is a gift, given to you,
Given to give you the time you need,
The time you need to have the time of your life!

I was recently defending Dora to my neighbor (the one who is not doing much with her life and takes her dad, who supports her, completely for granted.  But she did give her baby up for adoption so I think that is good).  She stated that Dora doesn't really do such a good job of teaching Spanish.  I said that Dora isn't supposed to teach Spanish.  It teaches kids to memorize steps, respond on que, and celebrate a "mision completa!" also known as a job well done.

Yesterday a boy was visiting and wanted us to like Sponge Bob.  He previously told me that his sister just had a baby with her "boyfriend, I mean fiance, or whatever".  So when he tried to use her liking Sponge Bob as proof of its appeal to intelligent/mature people, I was unconvinced.

I know I have been given opportunities that most people never have.  I am so grateful for my husband and children.  My thought of the day is that you should not do things that have life long consequences (aka have sex) with someone you don't have a life long commitment from.  How selfish!  When the choices are killing a baby of a jerk, or birthing the baby of a jerk and consigning that soul to a life largely determined by the genetics of their parents... it's horrifying that women don't demand better.

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