Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oh, brother!

We're expecting a baby in May and found out that it will be a boy.  Every expense is on hold until we've paid for the baby and bought a mini-van.  One nice thing is that we don't really need a minivan for a while.  With the baby coming right at the end of school, and P able to give G rides to school, we're good until September, or even later.  Even traveling to G-ville, we may as well take 2 cars.  The fuel efficiency of our 2 cars is about the same as a van.  Whenever I see someone driving a big vehicle by themselves, I'm like "what the?"  We're misers, P and I.  Going to a van is hard to swallow.  But the kids will love it. 


lola coca-cola said...

I recently rented a Toyota Sienna to take my extended family to Disneyland and was happily surprised to see that it hauled 5 adults and one child and still got 22mpg!

I'm so happy that the kids are going to have another little one!

Okishdu said...

There are a lot of things we learn later than we wished we had. In looking back on my own childhood I remember how valued it made me feel just to have a parent listen and respond to what I said. They didn't need to tell me I was smart, just listening was more than enough. I tried to listen and respond to my own children, but I'm aware that sometimes I fell short. It is a lot easier to give the fake 'cookie' of 'how smart you are' than it is to take the time to listen and respond.