Sunday, February 24, 2013

a first

My friend posted a stop motion movie her students are making and I thought that would be fun for G to do with his legos.  So I made a short little movie myself, having him do some of each step.  Ta-da!  my own first stop motion movie at age 33.  G is outside making his own right now.  Kids growing up in this wild world of technology...

This weekend I took G and M to the carnival downtown.  We had a lot of fun and it was easier this year for the kids to decide what rides to spend their 10 ticket.  They seemed to have a different company providing rides.  I didn't notice so many pictures of women covered up with cardboard. 

I experienced camera shame as I raised my super awesome camera to video the kids.  Everyone has a smart phone.  That's ok.  Later that day when I pulled out my $10 tracphone to call a kid's mom, the kid exclaimed "That phone is tiny!"  I replied that it was small because it was just a phone.

We are so blessed.  What's funny to me is that P has an iPhone, but he just uses it as a phone.

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