Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mom, are you forgetting something?

Someday I'll write a touching book on spirituality, parenting and survival.  We've had a rather unusual experience with this little prince so far.  And we have been so blessed.  I would want to read a book like that because I'm a little curious at it myself : )

These kids are golden.  I can't believe how good and teachable they are.  We've really hit the jackpot.  A few years ago M would always ask for me to "Tell me some of the ways you know you love me."  It was a lovely opportunity for us to share some love and for me to shape her view of my actions as loving.  She was asking, so I told her, that things like food and clothing showed love.  Also, being strict showed love because, as I tell her now, I love her too much to let her grow up thinking it's ok to be mean to people. 

G had a catch phrase last week, "Mom, are you forgetting something?"  It became something of a joke and it gave me pause to think about his needs that were getting pushed aside by the urgent demands of the girls.  He even recorded it onto the tape recorder and had a blast putting it on the counter and hiding as it played in louder than normal tones "Mom, are you forgetting something?"

I love these beautiful children.  I love P and the careful way he showers us all with love.  The children are so blessed to have such an adoring father.  

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