Sunday, January 20, 2013

now what?

Today G got baptized!  It was wonderful and I'm so grateful for the whole experience.  G memorized the 13 articles of faith thanks to a challenge by one of the sister missionaries who taught him.  Just 2 hours before the baptism he was still polishing up #13 and I heard him say he better get it done so he could be baptized.  Oops!  I'm so proud of his desire to be baptized even to the point of memorizing the Articles of Faith.

Sometimes you have to decide to not let fear rule your life.  Ever since G was 1 and newly in remission, we've been counting the years to this day.  So now he's been baptized, and maybe I'm allowed to look past that day.  Until tonight I hadn't realized how fixed this goal was in my psyche.   Even today minutes before we packed up and went to church, the kids were out in the front yard and I was terrified that he'd get run over, right before his baptism.  I'm grateful for this little prince and the gift that he is in my life.  Long may he reign.


vtricia said...

There's always the girls' baptisms and g will be deacon aged before you know it. RJ gives such thoughtful prayers now. Having a baby brother really changed his outlook. No pressure!

Lucky Day said...

For G it's psychological, get to tomorrow, get to the baptism complex I've had since he was sick.

With M it's more of a "get to college" mindset.

With P it's a "stay sane one more day" mindset.

You can't count on tomorrows with any child, but with G I really focused on how many years until baptism with the perspective of how much he's been through.