Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pretty Things

When I grow up I want to make mosaics like these. Check out the cool use of iridescent glass and different colors of grout.

Meanwhile these are some of the things I've been making. Cards with nice blocks of paper sewn onto them. Very fun and easy way to have nice cards to send to people. It's not cheap per se but it is less expensive than buying them from someone else.

And... Tada! This is the new pattern I'm using to make slings. Note that it is lined in brown. Delicious. I also made myself a hair band/ribbon using this combination of fabric and orange ribbon.


ReeseC said...

The sling looks so pretty!

Lucky Day said...

The sad thing is that the 2 ladies I gave them to don't seem to use them. I hate that! I need to stop giving them to people who don't actually ask for them.