Sunday, September 25, 2011

Boys will be boys

Today M saw the boys D and his brothers taking out the trash at church. She is in love with D and she loves to take out the trash. So she says "I hope I can take out the trash like D." I told her that it's important to let the boys do the dirty work at church. Even though you can take out the trash, it's important to let the boys do it. Why is this? Though the girls are completely capable of taking out the trash, the thought of a girl helping with taking the trash at church is galling. I guess for me it says that I'm chauvinistic. I feel like if there is a boy or man around, the women should not be taking out the trash. If there are no men around the trash still needs to go out.

Men, in general, need to be needed. When they see that the ladies don't actually need them to do something, they don't do it. Women do things to help out, and to be nice. I don't think men are into that. My husband is an incredibly kind and willing to help out kind of guy, but he doesn't do anything that is not glaringly obvious, like going to get a crying child. Yet if I ask, he'll do anything but nurse the baby.

I think one of the unfortunate side effects of Women's liberation, besides dumping the consequences of sex solely on women, is that we've told men for the last 50 years that WE, women can do everything ourselves. They, being men, take us at our word and decide they don't need to support, protect, or be faithful anymore.

It's not like men not doing things they should has never happened in the past. But we use to call it a bad thing. I love my husband and am grateful he hasn't bought into feminism for all that he says I could beat him at arm wrestling, we've never tried that one out.

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