Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Photo ops

I love blooming trees. These beauties have been coming out around our entry way. G and M love to go up and inspect the bees buzzing around. Luckily nobody has been stung yet. Lovely.
We visited Gainesville and had lots of fun. G loves to wear black socks like dad and we love the socks at Old Navy. You can get them for $1.45 individually in any color and size, or for $1.00 if you buy more than 5. We got 15. Then on our way out G said he wanted to get a picture with this display. M had to be encouraged to get in the picture and then discouraged from climbing up on the platform.
While we were waiting for the Old Navy to open we stopped by Publix for some breakfast. Brach'sfast? No no, we ate the free chocolate chip cookies, found our favorite Thomas mini whole wheat bagles, then we paid our $0.25 to eat some candy. Really, what a deal. For $0.25 we got a huge gummy worm for G, a caramel for M, and a peanut caramel cluster for me. It's just one quarter, and just one piece of candy each. Rather than $1.00+ to buy more candy than we should eat etc...

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