Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Got Back

Saturday we had a bridal shower for R. It was fun to play the games and reminisce about our own bridal hopes and stories. P and S took the kids to the beach so we had several hours of kid free hang out/entertaining.bP stayed with me and rolled around on the ground being cute. After the party she descended into a state of green boogie inconsolable gloom. She was up all night Saturday/Sunday so she and I stayed home from church. S took the kids and it was ok.

Today she is just about back to normal. We got to sleep in our bed last night instead of on the couch. Nice! She even spent some time sleeping in the bassinet. Strangely I can't really sleep without her by my side. I guess I'm sort of wired to know where she is if she's touching my body. With her out of the bed, I felt like she was going to fall on the floor or was smothered because I couldn't feel her there to know she was safe.

She's such a cute baby. I'm glad she's back to happy.

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Mom said...

What a cute baby! She must be about the same age as my Baby Doll. I hate it when they are sick. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. We have entered you in our giveaway. Come back often!