Friday, March 25, 2011

lovely day with M

Today we were staying in town while G was at school. We stopped by the post office and sent some blankets to my sister who just had her 5th. Then I asked M what she would like to do. She said she wanted to go to the Lightner Museum. So off we went to find our favorite metered parking spot in the shade. $0.75 bought us 30 minutes of parking and we pocketed the 3 pennies designated to be thrown into the fountain.

M wanted to hang out with the fish so we did that. It's a glorious collection of fish. We even saw a grouper in there. The pellet machines were gone but luckily we'd spent our quarters on the meter so it wasn't a disappointment, for me anyway. Someone came along eventually with Cheerios and it was a feeding frenzy. Fish more than half way out of the water, lifted on the backs of other fish frantic for something processed to eat.

I hypothesized to the lady with the Cheerios that maybe they stop feeding them every once in a while to remind them to eat algae and the small fish. Otherwise the pond would get over run with well fed Koi really fast.

Then I noticed one of the gigantic orange fishes head down at the bottom, unmoving. Oh no! Dead fish. That's 5 pounds of dead fish in a small pond. Sad.

Later we did see that it was just barely moving. It was apparently eating something on the bottom. For a long time.

We went into the Lightner Museum just for a fast peek because after all we only had a few minutes on the meter.

We went to visit "bear" and got a picture with him. We've come to appreciate what a nice bear he is and can now joke about being afraid of him instead of actually being afraid of him.

We also found this lovely bust.
Hurray to the wealthy person who commissioned this lovely piece.

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Okishdu said...

What a nice description of a lovely day with your daughter. This is the kind of thing that can easily get buried in the fuss of life.