Thursday, September 29, 2016

important events

This month has been very busy.  We drove to Alabama, then back to the beach then out to Gtown then home in a 4 day span. 

L and I were not sleeping so I decided to night wean him.  After the first night of continuous caterwahling, things have gone well.  On the second night he woke me up by tapping on my arm so sweetly. My poor kids, they never learn to sign milk until about 15+ months and that is right about when I am DONE!  So we don't have that sweet communication.  But L is an adorable chatterbox.  He's the most verbal baby I have.  I don't really remember anything but the present, so I can't say if he is more or less chatty than the other children were.  It seems that he is, but I don't remember.

B is potty trained and goes places without a diaper.  It's amazing how quickly that happened.  I actually feel sad that he's growing up.  Having had G as my first child, I am inclined to be dismissive of sadness at children growing up.  Hallelujah they're growing at all!  But B is so darned cute!

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