Tuesday, May 10, 2016

hard times

Good news and bad news.  Ever since I stopped eating sugar last month, I've had a really hard time getting the dishes done.  I think I used to bribe myself to do them with treats. 

B and L still have a cough lingering for 2 months now.  The Doctor said it can last 3 months after bronchitis.  Ugh!  I feel like it's constant, someone is coughing, someone is wheezing.  At least they are happy, and active.  And there is no vomiting!  Thank goodness!

We had a nice visit in G-town.  B is turning 3 this month and we used his birthday as an excuse to take the kids to the butterfly garden.  The P-family came with us so we had a 6:5 adult to child ratio.  Yay!  It was really lovely.

 I wish we could have stayed longer but we left that part of the museum before people started crying.  The crying came later about the gift shop.  Ugh!

I was pleased with my children's behavior in the garden.  I felt really sorry for the moms escorting groups of 5 1st graders through.  We got to linger a bit longer than them.  We saw 3 groups go through.  Lots of "Don't pick the flowers!" and "Don't touch the butterflies!"

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