Wednesday, May 11, 2016

back porch

We're enjoying the back porch more this year than we have in a long time.  We've had a nice long spring so the back porch is pleasant all day.  We borrowed a pressure washer and P is painting the porch.  So several issues with mold and grossness are mitigated.  Also, I'm not pregnant.  I know that the spring of 2013 I was pregnant and then had a newborn.  Then the next year the yellow flies were terrible.  Last year the flies weren't so bad but I was pregnant.  So this year we have the porch more in order and the mom is more up for adventure.

We have a woodpecker family that is roosting within view of the porch.  We have strawberries and blueberries growing in containers on the porch.  I really prefer for the kids to play on the back porch instead of the front yard.  The back yard is off limits because it's wild.  The neighbors came over to show us a video of the 4 ft rattle snake he shot in the backyard.  He wanted to explain the gun shots.  He apparently has killed several moccasins and now the rattlesnake.  I'm so glad I didn't know they were there!
I can't remember where we got these gigantic googly eyes.  We had fun with them, on  the back porch.It's a beautiful time we're having.  We just got a new metal roof put on and are looking forward to lower energy costs.  But this beautiful cool spring is going to skew the numbers.  Oh well.  I'll take it!

This was the kids watching the men work on the new roof.  The orange paint on the ground looks so festive.  I know I've written this before, but I really like it.  My goal was to have the color look ok with leaves and pollen gunk on it.  The leaves over on the left side are from the gutters being cleaned out. :  )  Looks awesome right!? 

This was the old roof, which was fine, if 38 years old.

The new roof is blindingly bright.  The new skylights are lovely. 

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