Friday, September 25, 2015


Today I lost a friend.  Not like someone I hang out with, because I only hang out with P, but you know, a FB friend.  I was too blunt in my comments about the imagined war on Christianity.  So she un-friended me.  That's probably good.  She also sent me a sincere message about how LGTB aren't such a minority.  But if they're not a minority, that would make them a majority, which wouldn't make sense.

Conservatives like to say there is a "War on Christianity" over things like Frito-lay giving rainbow chips to people that donate to an LGTB website.  I'm tired of this 1st world problems.  But I'm glad I don't have 3rd world problems, like an actual war on Christianity, where people are killed and driven from their homes.

I hate FB.  I need to break up with it.

Someone posted "Hurray" for "Mississippi having prayer in their schools."  What kind of prayer?  The right kind I'm sure.  But I don't want my kids praying to any God but ours.  I feel uncomfortable that they weekly hear someone giving a fairly generic prayer at the homeschool group.  Considering that Mississippi is so proud of the confederate flag, I just feel dubious about prayer in their schools.  I'm not a trinitarian and that is pretty important.

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