Friday, June 5, 2015

G had to be first

Memory is a funny thing.  When we think back on G's first years, cancer etc...  we wonder, how did we manage that with other kids.  We insert M, P and even B into those times.  They don't fit. 
Going through all that with G didn't kill our plans to have more children.  Along came M who was and is the perfect sister for G.  She always wanted to be just like him.  She picked up signing very fast and G had 1 other child to sign with. 

Along came lP with her strong personality and the challenges of being her.  Birth order.  Ha!

B came 2 years ago and G finally had a brother.  And the new baby will be born in 2 months.  Another boy.  G is so excited that the boys will outnumber the girls.

When I was growing up, a family in the ward had a daughter with downs syndrome.  She was their 4th, I think.  They wisely chose to have another after D so that D would not be the baby forever.

I'm grateful for how the children have all learned to sign and have some compassion.  G is a great kid.  He's a great big brother.  I love that we're forced to let him be the big brother, and do things more independently than we would ever have if M had been first.

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