Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rules for Facebook

P and I each have facebook accounts.  We don't often interact on the facebook.  Sometimes I click on his profile and find interesting things to read.  Sometimes he tells me comments, like actual real time conversation, about something he read on my page. 

I'm often annoyed at how people use the facebook as a platform to brag.  But that's the nature of the facebook.  I'm sure my pictures and quotes of silly children come across as bragging.  Sorry!  I try not to post pictures of myself or family without clothes on.  Seriously people, it's the internet!

Marriage advisers generally agree that you should be careful about how you complain about your spouse, in my experience.  Similarly you shouldn't brag about your spouse.  Just enjoy your relationship, for better or worse, for richer or poor. 

I really should get off the facebook.  I go there when I'm bored.  But there's often nothing to read.  I've hidden so many posts, because I'm so dang judgmental! 

So I want to be entertained by your personal life but don't want to actually know about it.  That's me.

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