Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rain or Shine

We participate in a homeschool co-op that has abominable luck at choosing the end of the year celebration.  For the last 4 years we've planned the date, then planned around crazy storms.  Last year we were confined to a carport space for our festivities while nature raged on.  The year before that the celebration was canceled for flooding.  The year before that it was relocated at the last minute to someone's home because of the weather. 

It's time to learn!  No more trying to have it in the beginning of May.  The forecast is always wrong and we seem to always have it on the 1 day in 2 weeks with serious rain.

But I do love those families.  I love their preparation.  I love their generosity.  I love their willingness to stick it out.

Tonight everyone was there about 5:25 and then the storm rolled in.  We joked how we'd all be fine as long as the rain didn't come in sideways.  We were under a very sturdy pavilion.  But the rain did come in sideways.  The children huddled under a table and ate their chili.  It was very dramatic and sort of terrifying.  I'm so impressed by these moms though.  People stayed calm and helped each other.  B and P cowered in fear in my lap so mostly people were helping me.  Lightning and thunder were a constant for 30 minutes and the whole park flooded.  Eventually we had the play, while it was still lightening and thundering.  It quieted enough for us to go on a mass potty trip.  Then we watched Julia put on the Kindy's puppet show.  I love Julia.  She's such a great story teller.  I'm so grateful for her efforts. 

There are not plans for the group to continue next year.  It may, but I'm having a baby at the end of the summer, and not planning to participate for several months.  And 2 of the families this year have been pretty flaky, and nobody wants to confront that.  So in frustration these lovely families are pulling out.  It's hard opening yourself to the possibility that new families won't show up or contribute.  Meanwhile the same 4 families always show up, always contribute and carry the load.  I'll miss our regular association.  I've learned so much over the last 3.5 years with them.  Homeschooling will be more lonely without them.

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