Thursday, November 13, 2014

Finally Homeschooling

In our primary program the older children played "I will follow God's plan for me" on the bells.   lP wanted to be able to play it too.  So I wrote out this version for her to play.  It was really sweet how hard she worked to play it.
 M drew this jack-o-lantern and I cut it out.  Then I cooked it.  The crock pot works really well for cooking it down without drying it out.  I'm sold.  We took this picture so she could remember that one time her mom really did let her have a jack-o-lantern.  Usually I just cook them down.
 G has 4 Lego Hero characters and he wanted to make a Hero Factory.  So he cleaned up the pit that is known as the lego room.  And set up all the components.  It's been sweet for the children to have a place to play with all the small pieces without driving me crazy.
B is finally big enough to wander around in the front yard.  It's amazing to see him exploring.

G kept asking for more time at school.  Poor boy really missed going to gym.  This year he was only at school for about 2.5 hours.  The school lets him come to school for 2 classes.  And if those classes are before and after lunch and recess, he can attend those too.  Anyway, we just got permission to switch the 2 classes.  So now he goes to math and p.e..

This is turning out to be a much nicer schedule for our family.  Before we would leave ~9 to drop him off.  Then go back at 12 to pick him up.  Then we'd go back to town for Speech, Drama, Piano etc...  Now we don't leave until almost 12.  We pick him up at 2:30 and stay in town for our other appointments.  Less back and forth.

Best of all, we are actually homeschooling in the morning in a structured way that I love.  We eat breakfast, then sing circle songs.  Then we go do some book work.  Then the kids play for an hour or so.  It's so nice!  I don't feel like I'm constantly coming and going.  It's a nice time.  B is old enough and very independent. So he just plays while I do work with M and G.  P loves to work along side the older kids with her drawings and words.  It's pretty great.

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