Sunday, April 13, 2014

another lucky day

 For the last 7 years, we go to this event at UF.  It is always fun, but this year was epic.  G got to conduct the band on a moments notice.  P heard the drumline so he went out to see them.  They saw G and said "It's G!  Do you want to conduct the band?"  OK!
 M has been hoping all year to meet up with a student she met last year.  Luckily, unluckily that student was assigned to another family with 4 children.  So M got to meet a new friend.  She told me, in a deep moment, that it sometimes takes a while to find the fun in new people.  But she found the fun in her new friend.  And she made the new friend promise to be there next year.
lP didn't get to stay the whole time, but every moment she was there she seemed to find a new student to be playing with.  Who knew she was such a charmer?  We've had a rough relationship lately.  Apparently none of those college students wanted her to go potty before leaving the house...
It was such a lovely day. 

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