Thursday, March 6, 2014


This is what homeschooling looked like today.  I took a big paper and M drew the alphabet.  Then we went around the house finding things for each letter.

G gets most of his academics at his school school.  We do math, art, speech, music, and what not at home. Most days (when I'm not a raving mad woman at night) we read a chapter of whatever he wants.   We talk over vocabulary and sometimes take turns reading.  For a while he was reading the male speaking parts of all our books.  From Geronimo Stilton to Charlie and the Glass Elevator.  G is exposing me to a wide range of stories I never read as a child.

M's main focus is piano.  That's her work.  She started piano the last week of February last year, and she's finishing the 1st Suzuki book this week.  She's also gone through 2 Piano Adventure primer books and will start the "real books" soon.  She reads chapter books and loves to draw.  We kid her about every new skill she acquires, that now she's ready to go to college.

lP is really funny.  Being 3 she's also really frustrating.  But I'm able to appreciate her cute nose and adorable words more often lately.  This morning she said "I am having trouble making my bacon sandwich.  I think I need a bigger pancake.  Can you help me?"  I read something recently that helped me change some of my bad habbits with her.  I hug her more often.  I ask her if she's getting enough love.  When we're hugging we talk about filling up our hug tanks with the hugs we're making together.

 bB is really too cute.  Literally!
His skin is made of butter.
He has the most endearing way of dropping his head against your chest and going limp.

He also has the most piercing scream ever.  I console myself with the hope of him having an amazing voice, someday.

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