Monday, November 12, 2012


P comments that I never follow recipes.  Part of this is my shameless self confidence that things will work out fine because I'm such a good cook.  Part of this is that I am often unwilling to use as much butter, cheese, or whatever premium ingredient the recipe calls for.  I think I know best.  Really we eat just fine.

We went camping this weekend and parts of it were fairly miserable.  We haven't committed the resources to have a really enjoyable camping experience.  Eating our hotdogs around a flashlight rather than a lantern, freezing under our duvet rather than in sleeping bags, M wearing G's Saturday clothes because she had and accident and I didn't pack spare clothes because space was limited in our faithful compact Sentra.  We're not willing to go into debt to have a nice camping experienced, or to get  a minivan so we can always have everything we need all the time... so I can't be surprised that sometimes I don't have a great outing.

I am grateful that P and I(myself rather than some mysterious new person whose name starts with I) are willing to commit the resources for a happy marriage.  It is miraculous how often one of us needs the other to jump in when we're feeling grumpy and un-enthused about the screaming.  And it is even more miraculous that we have not yet in 12 years of marriage had a complete break down in this juggling act.  Awesome.

I learned on the camping trip to bring a string of Christmas lights, rather than a lantern.  String them up and you've got general lighting and mood!  I've got Christmas lights.

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