Saturday, November 3, 2012

Back from staycation

I've been having a few bad weeks of health and motivation.  So my main room has been scattered with a daily smattering of toys etc...  I didn't have any visitors that my health, and busy schedule couldn't dispel.  Also, I was sucked into the vortex of the last 3 novels in my favorite series.  It would have been worse if I had all 5 books.  Bad enough with 3.  So except for reading, and cooking, I was on staycation. 
But now I'm back and I got things cleaned up and even vacuumed.   Also, it was cold last week.  Cold as in 50 some days.  I know, we're wimpy Floridians.  But it warmed up today and even though my neck is still not sure it wants to stay with this body, I was able to muster some energy to get some chores done.  I don't suffer from a perfectionists dilemma of "Clean All The Things".  I just do what I want, shamelessly, grateful for P's patience.

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