Thursday, October 18, 2012

lessons learned

Today at the playground M wanted me to push her higher.  She can pump, but she also likes to be pushed.  I'm not feeling even 75% so instead of pushing her higher I gave her a little nugget of truth.   I told her that if she wanted to do the work, she could choose how high she would go, but that if she wanted someone else to do the work, they got to choose how high she would go.

We're attending a birthday party today and I was trying to tie a bow.  I've never mastered the difference between tying a bow and tying shoelaces.  But the internet knows.  So i found this nice lesson and shazam! a nicely tied bow.  Now I'll have to keep this on bookmark so I can maybe develop a habit.

On Tuesday I saw a listing for a van that I like at a great price and with really low mileage.  So I got over eager to go check it out.  Rather than wait for P to be available, I made arrangements to go up Wednesday and take it to a mechanic.  $50 for the mechanic + $13 for the lunch in a sandwich shop (since I was in such a hurry I didn't prepare a lunch).  The mechanic noticed an oil change sticker with a different mileage, as of May.  So that blew the great mileage out of the water.  They stopped the inspection there wanting me to give them the go ahead.  I meanwhile was sitting across the road waiting for the recommended 1 hour for the inspection to be complete.  They could have called me if I'd had a functioning cell phone on me.  Once again, I've known I needed to get it fixed but hadn't taken the time.  Sheesh!  I had also noticed the maintenance sticker but the difference in mileage hadn't registered in my brain, maybe I was too much in a hurry.  So a lot of time and money were spent finding out that it was a lemon. 

But I'm learning that nothing in life is free and that the phrase "too good to be true" is true.

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