Saturday, August 18, 2012

blessings of the morning

This week I was up super early, an unheard of 7 AM to watch kids for friends who were back to work.  We'd hang out and read/sleep/watch a movie, until my kids woke up during the 9 o'clock hour.  That was just Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  Though I was tired, I started to remember times in my life that I willingly woke up that early to exercise, and unwillingly woke up earlier to go to work.

So Thursday I woke up at a leisurely 7:45 and took a walk around the neighborhood.  I'm getting in touch with my inner morning person.  This is the life.  Waking up early for some moments of solitude instead of trying to outlast everyone at night.  Blech!

I live in a gorgeous neighborhood and walking is beautiful, safe, and I don't feel watched.  This is important.  One more wonderful thing about this house.  Love it.

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