Sunday, January 8, 2012

Raising Kids

For a long time I've tried to use the principles of "Love and Logic" offering my children choices to promote good behavior and happiness. Recently we bought a roll of Ice pops and M has had the opportunity to choose her color, but only from the two on the ends. Sometimes the choice is between blue and blue. Today, after 5 days of this, she asked for a color that was in the middle. I just reminded her of the rules, she chose and we moved on.

I feel like it is so important to let kids face consequences. Today G was sort of distracting bP (who should probably start being lP because she's not really a baby anymore) during the sacrament. And today, after many weeks for forgetting, I had brought the fruit snacks that we give them if they were good during the sacrament. I thought about not letting him have it. It would have been a good opportunity to remind him to be good. In the end I just let him have it because really, he wasn't so bad, and I already let him face the consequence of loosing his after dinner computer time quite often. Now that we only let him play after dinner, he is a lot more ok with loosing the privilege. Interesting.

P showed me something recently about raising smart kids. It said to emphasize hard work as a means to success rather than their intelligence. Good idea. So we inventoried the things we do and tell our kids and decided to implement the idea. It's so nice having a husband who keeps his ears and heart open to things that will help us teach the children.

I'd like to dedicate this post to Hb whose fun pictures and commentary in her blog always inspire me to go write something.

And thank you to the genius who invented cross multiplying. Amazing!