Monday, February 21, 2011

Hi Holiday

We went to Gainesville because that's what we do when G has no school. It was great. Grandparents to hug, an auntie to chase, friends to visit, mud for the making.

Once upon a time my friend H said she likes unexpected visits. My own social anxiety and home shame preclude my believing this can be true. But maybe we'll "give it a whirl" next time we're in town?

We were actually in town Thursday and Friday too. That was our sneaky visit where we went to the hospital and had G checked out. As I walked in to the hospital with my 4 month old baby in one arm, and my 6 year old baby on the other I was struck with a memory. 6 years ago I carried that baby into this same entrance of this hospital. I had driven from the pediatrician's office rather than take the offered ambulance. He was strapped to my chest in a baby Bjorn with a blanket over top. We rode the elevator up to the 9th floor and checked in to the PICU like we were going to an event, rather than our lives becoming one.

But on this day, in 2011 my 6 year old is healthy and has a brilliant smile. He adores his little sisters, both of them.

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