Saturday, February 19, 2011

And I said to myself "Self..."

That's and oldie but a goodie from Stake Conference.

I'm falling in love with a house that is in my comfort zone. I'm certain that their asking price is way too high, which frees me up to imagine that it's within our price range. It's a fixer upper sort of place that fits with my view of our family's status level. It's got a workshop so P can buy tools and hopefully not have them stolen. It's blocks from G's school. It's got a chimney (G's request for a future house) and it has a yard (M's hearts desire for a future home).

It does not appear to have central heating and air. Deal breaker. Maybe.

It does have an upstairs with the slanted wall/ceiling. I never got to have one of those rooms in my childhood home. They were in the home but I never was cool enough to have one. So basically that is a big selling point to me.

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