Friday, December 16, 2016

running in the dark

Tonight after a dub dub dinner, we played Blind Man's treasure in the dark.  One child is blindfolded with a treasure and flashlight.  The other children try and steal the present.  The flashlight is used like a gun, not a laser to send folks back to the road.  The kids loved it.  B, L and I mostly hung out on the swings feeling happy. The big kids each had a few turns and we managed to stop playing before anyone cried too much.

Playing in the yard after dark was a big deal in my childhood.  I'm so glad for cool, not cold, winter nights to play in the dark.  I also like it when it is light after dinner so we can go to the park, but that's what the summer is for, right?

Tomorrow is our ward Christmas party, breakfast.  I'm bringing ham, the best ham.  I also bought a flat of strawberries from my favorite fruit stand and he donated a watermelon, 3 cantaloupes and a 10 cucumber for the church. 

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