Tuesday, August 30, 2016

things I don't need

I have a window in the kitchen that looks out into the screened porch.  I like to hand food to the kids out the window.  They love it when I do that.  Recently I got the idea that it would be fun to have a shelf there to set pans on when I want to let something cool outside.  Currently I have to walk around the dining room and out the sliding door.  So it's precarious!

I had a shelf in the garage but P doesn't like to put holes in the house, go figure!  So I needed a narrow table to mount a shelf to.  I was interested in getting a baking rack but am not actually motivated to buy something that is not exactly what I want there.  So we went to many thrift stores and didn't find a narrow table. 

Back at home I did find a sewing table in my garage that is close enough.  And I got the porch re-organized.  I threw away assorted wrappers from treats, and vacuumed quite a bit of kinetic sand off the rug.  I love eating on the back porch.  It feels glamorous even if it is hot...

I love kinetic sand!  I haven't let my children play with playdough for years.  My house is 90% carpet.  But this kinetic sand is so easy to clean up and provides a lot of the same benefits for creativity and fine motor strengthening.  Yay!

Another nice thing that happened recently was that P fixed the sliding door.  I was worried when he took off the bottom metal part and the glass was just...glass!  But he put in new pieces with rollers  and it slides great now.

My success with re-organizing the back porch got me motivated to go through my clothes.  It's so nice to let things go.  I've lost 20lbs in the last 4 months and clothes fit better now.  I don't want new clothes, I just want to get rid of clothes that make me look homeless.  Stains, tears... I deserve better.

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