Tuesday, February 16, 2016

something important

I was upset about something recently and P taught me something revolutionary.  I had been grousing for several tens of minutes about something that I felt someone else was doing wrong.  P said "You have 6 more hours to be upset about that and then you have to stop."  I was like both taken aback by his suggestion that I would continue to obsess about it all day, and by his statement that I had to stop.  Who's he to tell me to stop complaining about something that isn't my business.... oh.  Yeah.  It wasn't my choice to make.  And while their choice affects me, it affects them more, obviously.

This idea, not getting upset about things that aren't my business or choice to make... it's huge!  I can just choose to not waste emotional and physical energy on things I can't change.

I've heard of the serenity prayer.  I've even thought I was somewhat good at applying those principles in my life.  I'm vain like that.  But I've lazily felt like I was entitled to be bothered, when I'm not.  My energies are more appropriately placed on things that I can actually influence and that are my stewardship, like my family! 

P is awesome.  I'm glad he had the wisdom and courage to tell me this truth.

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