Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I thought I handled it well

Yesterday we watched some kids from church for a few hours.   I love this family.  The parents are pillars of our ward.  And they let their kids perform in a hip hop group, and play zombie video games.  So even though I adore them, our family has different standards.  Ironically, I share a lot more values with the granola Waldorf moms I hang out with in our homeschool co-op. 

The kids can only have computer/DVDs between lunch and dinner.  We're usually only home for 1 hour of that window.

The friends came over and spent most of the 1 hour before dinner trying to get us to play games we don't play.  And at one point the 9 year old pulled out his tablet to play games.  I saw that and panicked.  Was it my place to tell someone elses kid what to do with their possession?  It would be obvious if it was a dirty magazine.  And a tablet has as much capacity to expose my kids to things I don't want them to see, and more.  So I said "G, you can't use your tablet in my house." 

P asked me why not and I told him that G plays zombie games.  It's all he talks about playing whenever it's discussed.  P thankfully added an authoritative "We only play games that we can all see on the TV."  And they'd already been told not to play zombie games, or games with killing people in them.

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