Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A gift from our Home Owner's Insurance

Just Kidding!  They didn't send me a bag of plagues.  But the gentlemen who installed the amazing tile below were attacked by fleas.  Apparently the cat we sometimes see, has a nest under the porch.  When they pot the piece of vinyl, for the shower pan, out there it attracted the fleas.  When they unfolded ther said it was like a swarm!

 The top right picture is of our old shower.  Three weeks ago when Phillip got his new job,  we planned to make him an office in our walk in closet.  Then we found water in the corner.  Hmmm.  It turns out that the shower pan was leaking.  I had never heard of a shower pan until now and apparently it needed to be replaced and that would involve ripping out the shower! $$

Plumbers referred us to a water mitigation company who suggested filing a claim with our Home Owner's Insurance company.  I called them, got things started, then panicked that I was putting our relationship at risk by making a claim.  Ahhhh.  We had some stress thinking through this.  Then we had a lot of stress when we found out that the water mitigation company was asking the insurance company for $3,200.  Then we embraced making a claim.  We had a few disappointments by companies that wouldn't follow up with us or return calls (The plumber, the contractor the water mitigation company brought who said we should inflate the claim and repair it as cheeply as we wanted to...).  

Eventually we called the Adjuster that the insurance company had sent and asked for a referral.  She connected us with some great guys who are experienced in insurance claims (so they stay in budget), honest, enthusiastic, and who did a great job!

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Okishdu said...

The new shower looks lovely. I'm glad you took the repair route that avoided folks who want you to inflate claims.