Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Those kinds of parents

It's Monster Jam season here in North Central Florida. I'm a little embarrassed that G knows so much about them. When we were living in Palencia we had cable and he learned all about them. Grave Digger is his favorite. Last year at Dance Marathon his host gave him a Grave Digger truck that is super awesome, totally by chance. The host didn't even know it was G's favorite. Last year I got him a hotwheels Grave Digger.
We drove up to Jax for G to meet the driver and see the car. He was pretty excited. Inspiration led me to bring the stroller which kept LP happy for the 30 minutes we stood in line to meet the driver. G totally surprised us by being able to say "Denis" perfectly. And to make it all even nicer and more of an obsession, the nice folks at Advanced Auto gave us $20 in gift cards so we could go buy more monster trucks.
You can see from this picture why so many people assume M is a boy. But we are not the type of parent to pay $50+ for a ticket to go to the actual event. Who is? I have a hard time understanding who could buy that ticket, and who should...We are the kind of parent to borrow 40 books from the library and have the kids devour them in one day. I love it. It's taken them a while to learn this miracle, as seen below, of sharing the same space with their books. Actually it only took a few times of mom getting mad and taking away the books. They're wonderful kids and they learn so fast.

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