Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More miraculous pictures

Is there anything more magical than a magic tree placed on a window sill to protect it from it's most adoring owner?
Check me out. I'm opening presents with my shining eyes, maryjane socks and glistening runny nose.
I'm so glad that in the end G was just as thrilled with this cake as the much harder possible cakes. He loves the Grave Digger, but that is a hard paint job to copy, and a little creepy.

So I've continued to take pictures even though the lcd screen on my camera is defunct. I do plan to send it in and see if it can be fixed for less than $100. To me that would be nice.

Yet, I can still get reasonable pictures. So if it can't be fixed for what I am willing to pay, I will say "no thank you" as P encourages me to say as often as I can, and let them ship it back to me.


vtricia said...

What kind of a camera do you have these days? I have a concord I don't use anymore. I tried letting my grade schooler use it, but it had a tendency to get sticky.

Lucky Day said...

I still have my concord too. The one I'm using that has the broken screen is an Olympus that is water proof, shock proof, freeze proof, but not apparently lcd screen break proof. Even broken it takes better pictures than the concord.