Saturday, November 12, 2011

around the block

So now I've been around the block 3 times. Once by car, once via bike trailing the girls in the red stroller, and today for the first time on foot. On foot I noticed so much more and appreciated more what a wonderful neighborhood we've found ourselves in. The houses are nice and look lived in. Each house is on an acre so as an adult it feels much like my childhood neighborhood (which now seems surprisingly small).

P spent the day scraping, and painting the porch railing so we could put up a plastic mesh to keep bP from climbing out. It's fun putting work into this house.

P also picked some oranges from the tree that were way better than what I had previously picked. As I ate them, never mind the seeds, I was amazed "These came from our tree?" I asked incredulous. Yum! I'm so excited to prune it down in March so next year we'll have even better fruit and have it growing closer to the ground.

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